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Words from some of our awesome patients.

Rebecca B.

"Before seeking the help of Dr. Bri, I had migraines at least once a week. I had three hip surgery’s and constantly worried I’d injure myself again. With the help of Dr. Bri those fears went away! She was gentle and kind. She knows exactly what to do to help whatever your case may be. I am happy to say now I am migraine free, aligned, and happy with the care she provided!"

Allison H.

“I received chiropractic care from Dr. Marcus for approximately six months. He truly cares for the patient and treats the patient as a whole person not just the symptoms that brought them to the office. I would highly recommend Marcus for all of your health care needs.”

Gabriella B.

“Dr. Summer was an incredible doctor, she listened to what I needed and truly cared about providing the best care she could. It was obvious she loves what she does and it shows in the way she cares for her patients.”

Kellie G.

“I came to Dr. Bri for help after acute sciatica came on. I went to another chiropractor at first, who after six sessions of unsuccessful tonal adjustments said there wasn't much more he could do. After consulting with Dr. Bri about continued chiropractic, she suggested an alternative approach. After three sessions, my sciatica was 95% improved after a solid month of excruciating pain. Her knowledge of the problem, the required corrective action needed, and the self-assuredness in her approach was exactly what I needed to heal. I highly recommend Dr. Bri for acute or preventative care.”

Karitta M.

“Marcus was the most thorough, well knowledgeable & effective chiropractor I've ever had (and I've had plenty!).”

Brennan K.

"I started care under Marcus during his time as a student intern at Life University and I could not have been more impressed with his thoroughness and level of professionalism. While under care, the every day aches and pains I thought were just apart of my life quickly began to disappear. Mobility issues that hindered my ability to remain active was something I no longer dealt with. Receiving routine adjustments from Marcus has without a doubt improved my overall heath and well being."

Keegan N.

"I have left every session with Brianna feeling reinvigorated and content. Her thorough care is both expedient

and effective.
During our first visit she took the time to explain the causes and repercussions of vertebra
displacement. This has allowed me to be more aware of how I can be more healthy in my day-
to-day physical activities."

Nicole H.

"Dr. Perez helped me discover things about my body I never knew. Her care and way of treating me was like no other I had ever experienced. She has a real way of learning each clients body individually, and treating based on the individuals needs. She helped me make it through one the most physically strenuous times of my life. I have considered moving to Michigan to continue my care with her.”

Jenna L.

"I experienced neck trauma in 2012 and have avoided anyone & anything from touching that area ever since. Brianna was patient, understanding, and empathetic when learning about my history. She described and showed me step by step as to what a neck adjustment would look and feel like, and the value in having it adjusted. She helped me overcome this fear. I don't think she realizes just how grateful I am for this."

Abel W.

“Marcus was really helpful because he explains what he is doing and the reason why he's doing it. I noticed a big difference in how much better my neck felt visiting with him every week and I would recommend anyone who is looking for chiropractic care to Marcus”