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Your Spectrum Team

We are a group of passionate individuals with an interest in helping our community. As locals from Adrian and Onsted, we all ended up studying at Siena Heights University. Although we studied in a variety of different areas, we all came together as a group of driven chiropractic students at Life University in Marietta, Georgia, shortly after our time in undergrad.

Going through chiropractic school is no small feat and truly requires a strong support group for sure success. Fortunately, Drs. Marcus, Summer, Bri, and her husband Dr. Shane became that tight network for one another while building for their futures.

Now that we are all moved back to our home, we are looking to continue this support as we grow families and serve the community that we love. We are eager to make a difference when opening our doors in January 2020.


My love for chiropractic began when I was just a little girl. My father is a chiropractor in Brooklyn, Michigan; watching him change people’s lives and perform daily little miracles sparked my fire and love for Chiropractic and it’s ability to improve health. As a Lenawee county native, I knew this was something I, too could do to improve my community’s health. I set off to college with this exact intention. I attended Western Michigan University and Siena Heights University for my undergraduate degree.


Shortly after starting undergrad, I met my husband, Dr. Marcus Perez. In the seven years we have been together since, we have overcome so much and continue to better each other in all that we do. Together, we decided to pursue our Doctorates of Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, Georgia, where we lived with our two Dobermans and made enough memories to last a lifetime.


Somewhere along the way, I realized that I have a definite soft spot in my heart for pediatrics, pre- and postnatal care. My already bubbly personality, shines through even more when I’m able to help a baby overcome issues with colic, encourage proper latching, or help a pregnant mama find comfort in her pregnancy. In order to this more effectively, I specialized in a technique called Webster. It is a technique for pregnant women that is gentle, specific and focuses on creating space in the pelvis by aligning the hips and relaxing the surrounding ligaments.  


With all of the research, seminars and baby talk, we managed to get pregnant with our own little miracle, Nora, who is due in October 2019. We are so excited to come back to our area and serve our community together with our good friend Dr. Brianna Wallace. It’s been quite a journey getting to where we are today, but we are eager and passionate about embarking on these journeys; parenthood, business owners and aspiring community figures wouldn’t be as much fun, if I didn’t have my awesome support and family. Overall I cannot wait to serve the community and create a place for people and their family to come get well, while feeling confident about their healthcare choices.

Dr. Summer Perez


Growing up in Adrian has played a large role in my life. Not only do I bleed blue for the Adrian Maples, but I am a huge University of Michigan fan. Having four other siblings to grow up with really helped me to branch out and make deep-seeded connections within the area. Once I graduated from Adrian High School, I stayed close to home and pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary and Special Education at Siena Heights University. During my time at Siena I was apart of the inaugural football season and spent much of my time working in the community. Athletics has always played a big part of who I am; I love healthy competition, being able to physically push myself and supporting my team while rising to the moment. While sports have always been important, I worked hard in undergrad to set myself up for a future. During my time at Siena, I worked with students in the community and worked at the Renaissance Community Homes as a direct care staff for individuals with disabilities. These experiences and many others began my inspiration to truly help others become their best self.


My wife Dr. Summer and I got married right after our time at Siena together and started our big journey to Marietta, Georgia. We both decided to further our education towards overall health and wellness by attending chiropractic school. While in this extensive doctorate program we began to understand how the nervous system truly worked to help individuals function at an optimal level.


After some building some incredible friendships and learning impactful lessons, I received my Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. My wife, and our two Dobermans packed up and headed back to where our heart and passion truly was; Adrian, Michigan. I have always wanted to come back to the city of Adrian and leave an impact as many other mentors of mine have done in the past. With a new little girl coming in October we are eager to take on new challenges and truly make a mark in our community.


We are set to open our doors in January 2020 with one of our long time friends and fellow chiropractor, Dr. Brianna Wallace.  Our diversity and determination will surely set us up to make the biggest impact possible, while helping our community strive to be their absolute best.

Dr. Marcus Perez

Living in the Irish Hills was a happy and beautiful place to grow up. I’m an Onsted graduate with a love for the lake-life and action-packed experiences. During undergrad, I stayed within Lenawee County and attended Siena Heights University, where I was graced with opportunities to immerse myself in a variety of different programs. Much of my experience and ability for comprehensive thought came from the extensive and challenging fine art program that Siena provides. My experience was nothing short of amazing and I’m humbled to be surrounded by such impactful individuals.


After graduating from Siena Heights in 2014, I married my high school sweetheart, Shane Wallace. My husband, now Dr. Wallace, and I packed up our childhood base from Onsted and moved to the exciting state of Georgia. The plan was for him to pursue his dream of becoming a chiropractor and for me to find a job in Atlanta with my fine art degree from Siena. It wasn’t long before I found myself asking questions, becoming a patient, and loving the lifestyle my husband was embracing as a student of chiropractic. It was an obvious next step to make this change in my own journey and jump into my future as a chiropractic student at Life University.


What I didn’t realize was that I was not just changing my career path; I was beginning a journey towards a new lifestyle and creating a deeper understanding of the concept of health. This redirect has encouraged me to inspire the desire for health in others around me and throughout my community.


As if getting married, moving across the country, raising two beautiful dogs, and pursuing a doctorate degree wasn’t enough — we also decided to start a family! In July 2017 we gave birth to our sweet little boy, Lincoln. Starting a family was eye opening and incredibly inspiring for me. It allowed me to explore the current “norms” of pregnancy and birth, while discovering options for the optimal health and success for both mama and baby. Our spunky addition sparked my passion and encouraged me to invite others down an empowering journey through their pregnancy and birth. My husband and I are expecting our little next little addition, Nova, in September 2019.


After working in a few different offices, working out of a small home office, and taking a little time off with my son, I am excited to be embarking on a new and permanent journey. Fortunately, this next adventure is alongside fellow chiropractors and long-time friends Drs. Marcus and Summer. I have been fortunate to know them since high school, be in each other’s weddings, raise our families side-by-side, and now open an office together.

Dr. Brianna Wallace